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So, whats it cost?

The base price is $20 per week over a minimum 2 year subscription time, this is suitable for most businesses who want to get online without all the fluff.


You will get 5 pages, for example: Home page, About us, Services, Gallery and Contact us.


You simply provide us with the content you want on your website, and we'll populate it. If you're running out of time, we can create web content for you.

Without sounding like we're tooting our own horn, our websites are great, in all aspects, both design and usability! Simply paint a picture for us how you would want your website to look, what kind of feel you want to give to your websites visitors and let Nothing But Net take care of the rest!


What do I get with my website? See below.

Easy to use, great looking websites for your small business

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Easy to use Content Management System

Allowing you to easily edit your website as you see fit. Even the entire design if you really wanted to. We'll even provide the means to help teach you how to use it.

Smart phone friendly & mobile version available

Your website will appear on smart phones without any issues, our software also has a mobile phone editor which you can easily create and edit your site on a mobile platform.

What's our uptime?

Your site will be safely online 99% of its lifetime whilst on our servers. Very rarely will you find it be unavailable or unusable.

Your website will be safe from 'hackers'

Our content management system is very stable and on safe capable, servers. The only way to get on to your website, is if you are the person paying the bill.

Online shopping cart software

This won't cost you any extra, our shopping cart software is all inclusive of your website. Best of all, you won't need to pay banks for merchant facilities or SSL certificates, as it's all taken care of.

Your website will be made search engine friendly

As we're making your website, we'll ensure suitable keywords are littered throughout the entirety of your website.

Website external item integrations

We can simply integrate many items your website, for example, uploading YouTube videos, adding a Google Map to your contact page, even putting a Facebook "like" button or feed on every page!

Whats our turn around time?

Often we have the bulk of your website online and finished within 7 days. Clients often only request small tweaks after this time.


Upgrades for your website (based on 24 month agreement only)


Additional  5 pages

Additional 10 pages


Mobile phone friendly website addition


Scrolling banner


Website content creation


Search engine optimisation



$5 per week

$8 per week


$3 per week


$1.50 per week


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Website design examples


Have a quick look at our system back end...

View our CMS Software

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Lets get the ball rolling!

Have gluten intolerance? Fear not... Gluten Free Websites!

Your website is the best first impression that you can make with your potential clients, and it is important to present your company as an ethical, honest and trustworthy organization.


What better way to solidify your image as a health-conscious, environmentally friendly organization than with a gluten free website? Now you can show how committed you are and make the right first impression.


Gluten Free Websites: The New Trend in Web Design


Now you too can own a gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, pesticide free website. Your customers will revel at the idea of doing business with your company without compromising their beliefs or ruining their healthy lifestyles. Show your customers that you care about their dietary concerns with websites that contain no wheat, flour or other deadly food poisons.


Don't be the last to get in on this new food craze. Gluten free is the new black, and millions across the country have eschewed their favorite pizzas, pastas and bagels to be a part of the "gluten-free" in-crowd. Gluten free websites are all the rage, and now is your chance to get in on the ground floor, before it becomes just another old fad.

Before, there were fat free websites, low sugar websites, no-carb websites and vegan websites. The gluten free website trend is one that is quickly growing, with small business owners scrambling to make sure their website suits the needs of even the most discerning customer.


Stand out from the competition by advertising a gluten free browsing experience to your customers. Health conscious customers will flock to your website when they find out that you are gluten free, and word will get around fast, bring in major profits for your company. Don't delay. Hire a web designer to create your custom gluten free website today.


If you are looking for the most out of the box, wacky and creative twist when it comes to your Web design, we have the team you need. We are a bunch of creatives who see the world of design differently.


Whether you need a custom blog for your real estate firm, an e-commerce website to sell accessories or a gluten free website good for a laugh, we have what you need. Our company designs custom websites for business owners, bloggers and corporations small and large.


When you need the right website, we can handle the job. We have teams of experts that will work on your project until it is completed. Contact us today for a consultation.



At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!