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So, whats it cost?

Well, each businesses needs are quite different in this industry.. For example, a website building company like us might find it increasingly hard and require loads of effort in order to rank highly on a competitive search term, where as, at the other end of the scale, someone who breeds dogs may have nearly no competition and therefore have significantly different needs.


Now that we offer on-going SEO services, we want to make sure you see results, so to get kick started this service starts at $75 per week.


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As most of us are aware, there is a huge amount of online traffic looking for what you offer, but the biggest issue here is, how do you get them on your website?


Well, having a big website packed with lots of quality content is a big help, but it does take a lot more than just whats on your website. For example, your website will need lots more relevant content linked from other websites to yours. Whilst this sounds quite simple, it's not the walk in the park it once used to be, but it's how the search engines stay in business, delivering the most appropriate results the prospect searching needs.


If that's still left you scratching your head, don't worry, with your small business SEO, we can help out!


For those of you unfamiliar with what SEO means, it's short for Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst it's slow starting, the results that carry on in the future speak for themselves. Being credible in the eyes of search engines gives you poll position when prospects are searching for something to fulfil their needs. There is no one result people can expect to see from giving their small business SEO, as each industry will have completely different volumes of searches and different levels of competition. My first example is, how hard do you think it would be to rank against other businesses that offer SEO versus someone who is a seamstress? Of course, this was just the first niche that came to mind and would no doubt be relatively simple to rank in comparison.


Some points that will set us apart in this sector:

  • Research similar industry related keywords that may not get focussed on, whether it be; non-obvious words, scientific names, foreign language words or just long tailed keywords.

  • We look for untapped or new keyword niches.

  • We seek industry related backlinks to your website, which are far more credible.

  • We help or guide you to setup your business social media profile, which builds a natural credibility.

  • We will make recommendations for updating your businesses website, or if possible, we will make changes on your behalf.

  • You will be given weekly reports once you start ranking.


Get in touch with your small business SEO experts today, just fill out the form at the top of the page.

Be found... without it having to cost you the earth!

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Lets get the ball rolling!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!

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