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Nothing But Net was born from the ashes that came with adversity, a tough time called for a strong business mind to take over and right all the hardships learned in the lead up to a new look at the digital world.


Mick Simpson, growing up with the determination to learn for himself, quickly finding out that success doesn’t just happen. It will lead you down many many pathways, trying to confuse you about where you’re headed. Often this pathway will lead to dead ends, but that moment where you escape the labyrinth, realizing that you’ve gained all too many battle scars from all the dead ends you found, there is a small window of clarity, that says, you can either collapse in a heap and weep over your suffering or you can stand fast, get up and get going!


This is my lifes story, which has now brought about a whole new way of creating a new type of online system that works for the same people that are going through that labyrinth now. Whether you are a web designer or a gardener, you’ll no longer need to work your backside off to not only educate yourself on the world wide web but also save up the money needed to get yourself online with a great looking website!


I’ve myself been there for more years than I would like to admit, so let me just say, I hated it! But you know what, lemon’s aren’t so bad when you learn how to turn them into something that will make a difference, not only for yourself but for those around you too.


How have I done this?

I’ve created a system for both start up businesses & other businesses with similar needs to get online without having to spend their money all upfront, they’re simply put on a small weekly payment, which means the businesses cash-flow will remain more consistent, and allow them to spend their money on bringing people to their website, almost bypassing paying for it to be made.


Being the type of person who will always try and help a stranger, I’m also building this system to help out web designers who are having a hard time getting a job. By them simply joining up, following the system and making it work, they’ll soon be creating a residual income for themselves and be their own boss.


So whats the outlook for the future?

Nothing But Net shall soon become the ultimate place to go to for small businesses to get online and start kicking some goals. The nature of the business is that is it consistent & maintained growth, so with the future of the business in good hands, we look forward to helping you on your merry way to making your business better!


Nothing But Net - Looking after the little guy!

The Nothing But Net Story (Based on a true story!)

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Lets get the ball rolling!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!