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Generate leads

Having a search engine friendly website will help drive curious prospects to your site through organic search engine searches. Having your images tagged with appropriate keywords, as well as your general content will offer a great foundation for being found online, just keep in mind results vary per industry and some businesses should look at running a search engine optimisation campaign to really drive these numbers up.


Improve credibility

Having a website for your business is crutial for growing your credibility with prospects, many people like to research businesses that they are considering using, so if they have to call you up and ask you a list of questions to get this, it's going to instantly eat your time and be a hassel to them. If all your competitors have a website and you don't, where will that leave you?


Encourage leads to buy

How often can you create a sale without saying a word? Having a website gives you this capability, prospects will flock to your site asking to be sold on what you do. So why not give them the chance to buy from you?


Make more money

Selling online is a great way to save costs employing someone to not only make the sale but also take care of the check out time.


Be accessible

24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Don't you hate it when you go out to get something, whether it be a coffee or just the weekly shopping, and the place is closed! Every market is now moving to more assessable options, such as 24 hour gyms, supermarkets etc. A great first step towards this market trend is having a business website.


Marketing tool

You've got the prospects right where you want them, simply direct them to how you want them to buy from you. Keep it simple and ensure everything flows to optimise this as much as possible.


Make your business efficient

Being upfront with what your business can offer prospects the chance to decide if you are their target business provider, often if they spend the time researching about your business, they will answer a lot of the questions they would have had before coming to you.

Leads pre-qualify themselves

If you have a great run down of what your business offers, generally leads pre-qualify themselves, which will save you having to deal with people outside of your target market or people who are unwilling to spend the money you ask for your products and services.

How will a website help me and my business?

The conclusion is...

You will save money marketing your business more efficiently, the prospects that look at your site are almost certain they want you to sell them on what you do and you can save time and money with people being able to purchase online whenever it suits them.


You’ll have spent less time and money and made additional cash, whilst helping prospects potentially do the same thing, therefore everyone wins from you having a website!


So think about this, if your website managed to push just one more average dollar sale every week, is it worth the small weekly investment?


Unless you’re only selling lollipops, the answer is almost always going to be yes, having a Nothing But Net website will make my life better.

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