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Small Business Bloggins

By nothingbutnet, Mar 9 2016 01:07AM

Keeping your small business organized is not easy, whether you work in a small area at home or have a desk in a traditional office. A desk that is messy and over-cluttered looks bad, but it can also have a negative impact on your productivity by creating a lot of wasted energy and time. Following are several strategies that you can use to keep your work area in top condition, from steam cleaning solutions and stain removal to creating a pristine and intuitive desktop.

Eliminate Old, Unnecessary Papers

Most of the papers that are cluttering up your desk probably lack value. As you go through these documents, ask yourself: Are these files that I really need? Why do I need them? Where will I want to find them when I do need them? Next, create a file system that makes sense for your small business and be sure to file away new documents as soon as you have printed them out so that a new mess doesn't develop. Pause before printing new files out. Ask yourself: Do I absolutely have to have a hard copy of this file or will a digital copy work just as well?

Keep Your Work Life And You Private Life Separate

No matter where your work is performed, you have to avoid unnecessary distractions. Keep distractions out of your home office by having mail collection located away from your work area and by telling other residents to keep their toys and digital gadgets away from your home office so that you don't get distracted. If you work in a regular office, know that mobile phones are a huge source of wasted time. Store your phone away and only check for new texts and voice messages when you're on break, rather than looking at your phone each time it makes a noise.

Make Small Business Carpet Cleaning A Top Priority

The floors are one of the most commonly overlooked features in businesses, but these surfaces have near-constant contact with the outside. Visitors track in grime, dirt and many other forms of debris which quickly build up and this means that carpet cleaning should be done each week with carpet steam cleaning being made a priority several times per year. Even after carpet cleaning with a vacuum has been performed, there can still be a massive and shocking amount of grime still trapped in the carpet fibers.

Keep Items That You Use Regularly Separate From Other Supplies

Items that are used daily such as laptops, pens, pencils, post-its and planners should be kept right on top of your desk. Things that you use less often, however, such as your stapler, tape, envelopes and paper clips should be neatly tucked inside of you desk drawers. This will preserve valuable real estate on your desk for the things that you really need while keeping everything else accessible.

Take Some Time To Organize Your PC

When icons start to clutter your favorite wallpaper on your desktop, it is time to clean up your PC. File any documents that you will need to reference later on and then put everything else into the PC recycle bin. This will give you a much more appealing desktop and it will also significantly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend looking for things.

Take A Minute To Clean Things Up Every So Often

Finding time to keep things clean is one of the most challenging parts of small business organization. Spend time cleaning and organizing your desk so that supplies, files and other essentials are put in an intuitive space. After having established the perfect system, make sure to maintain it. Taking a few minutes to put things in their proper places will actually help you save time overall.

Practice Diligent Carpet Stain Removal And Carpet Steam Cleaning

You know that carpet stain that has been around for what seems like forever? Use the right carpet stain removal strategies to get it out because it won't go anywhere otherwise, and while you've probably accepted it as part of the flooring, you really should identify the carpet cleaning strategies that are guaranteed to get it out.

If everyone is committed to maintaining a clean office space, it will be easy to keep your small business organized and efficient.

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At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!