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Small Business Bloggins

By nothingbutnet, May 6 2015 05:52AM

Just in case the title was a little subtle, It's referring to the 38 hour work week, which has somehow been ingrained in us as part of our daily lives. No doubt it would leave the cave men scratching their heads and subsequently myself as well.

Why have I taken such a harsh stance against it? Simple, it goes against everything I personally believe. That is if you have something of value to offer outside of your time. I’m someone who USED to make excuses for not contributing and not working for a better future. It’s not that I didn’t want to or had nothing of value to contribute, because I did. Every time I actually managed to get a job, I would end up arguing and disagreeing with the big boss of the business about how things should be run. Naturally this would call in to question my ongoing employment.

Of course, being a slow learner with a strong desire to make the world a better place for all, I one day had had enough of being bossed around with second rate systems designed to kind of help the business. I saw potential to make money on my own in starting up a small business to call mine. At no point was I capable of employing anybody, but I worked with my partner at the time to make a viable albeit work intensive business.

I digress, more about this curse.. With such a volatile world that we are easily sold on security, even if it is only a pittance in the big scheme of things. We get ourselves a secure job, doing something we are capable of doing, labelled as “full time”. Then we decide to stretch out our money by loaning money from banks, so that we can buy STUFF to impress people we don’t really care about all that much. Yes that’s a little on the cynical side and isn’t always like that, but for the point I’m making, it’s true enough.

Suddenly, your “full time” position comes in to question, but you have financial commitments you need to fulfill. Next thing you know cortisol levels are skyrocketing and you are on the hunt for the next “full time” position. And thus the cycle that eats up your entire life is perpetuates.

All the while the thought process has become so ingrained that having a secure job is the only way to bring in money. It’s not and here is why:

-As the writer of the heart to heart article, I am an idiot and I am out to prove that if I can make money on my own, then anybody should have the capabilities to do it.

-I am not smart, I paid next to no attention all the way through school.

-I don’t feel I am overly creative, although I often find strange ways to solve my problems.

-I did not bother to ever become a university student or really further any education, for years I had no idea on the direction I wanted to go, so I just become a sponge and soaked up as much information as possible about any directions that appealed to me. I sat waiting, ready to pounce, for years.

One big plus for me is that nobody has been able to sell the idea of “Why Full Time Employment” is good for you to me. I might just be an anomaly in the system, but once I set my mind on something, I do nothing but work towards that goal.

For me, not be confined to a regimented week is much more appealing. I’ve set my own security, backing on my determination, and not building somebody elses dream. At the end of the day, this is the reality of it. You are selling your limited time building somebody elses dream. Let me reiterate that last bit, everybody has about 4000 weeks to live, so how you use that time is critical. Do you have your own dream? Ambitions? etc… If so, then you should spend your every minute you want to work, building that dream.

I’ve lived off very little in my life, and still managed to get myself into stupid amounts of debt (for my income). Long story, don’t ask. Either way, I stepped back a couple of years ago, and thought about what I was doing, what I wasn’t doing, and spent an entire weekend working out what areas of my life were not working for me, and what areas I wanted to expand on. Not long after, I had an idea that felt like a ton of bricks landing on me. A huge point of difference that would set in motion the successful part of my life and web design business. The future of my dream was now on the road to becoming a reality as a strong willed, business minded entrepreneur.

So, whats holding you back from accomplishing your dreams? Do you need to take a back step in life in order to take everything you need to move further forward?

Here is Micks master tips on things you can do to change your fortune in this on-going war:

-Further your education, whether studying an MBA in Uni, or hitting tafe to learn more about running a small business. Don’t bother with the technical side of whatever field you want to be in, otherwise you will be forever trading your time for money. Other educational avenues you can look at is MBA internships or just any student internships, not only will this help give you a foot in the door to getting employed and gaining necessary experience, but it will open your mind to new concepts within different businesses.

-Rid yourself of debt. Unless the debt is good debt. If it’s not, sell off what you don’t need and minimize it. After that, if you have heaps of small debt with varying interest rates, consolidate and hit it hard with everything you have.

-Focus, on what you want. Simple.

Spend more than 38 hours a week working towards your goal or dream. It might not be work work, Personal development also counts here, and whilst does not directly make you any money, creates a mind full of wealth.

-Be good to everybody. You never know when you could use extra encouragement.

-Stay motivated, as Zig Ziglar said “Like bathing, motivation doesn’t last, it’s why we recommend it daily”. Keep the fires burning and destroy all obstacles in your way.

If you can stay motivated enough to hold your financial security and build your dream at the same time, then kudos to you. Don’t ever give up and best of luck to you and your business ventures!

By nothingbutnet, Nov 3 2014 03:29AM

How does one know if they have a severe case of WANTREPRENEURITUS? Well, start off by asking yourself some simple questions that will help diagnose yourself with such a condition.

Do you wake up each morning wanting more from life? Does that alarm go off every weekday and the occasional weekend, waking you up with thoughts of “why am I doing this?” or “how did my life come to this?”. Have you been stuck in this situation for a while now? Some “experts” may call this a rut, but most motivational speakers would call this settling for mediocrity. So you enjoy dreaming at night... and dreaming through the day too. Think about it metaphorically for a second, where does dreaming get you physically? Very sleepy would be the answer to that!

Sure, you have big dreams, but how do you plan on making those dreams a reality? Clearly you can still use your head, otherwise you wouldn’t be having all these dreams about a better life and future. One doesn’t even need to be all that physically capable these days, there is so much money to be made sitting behind a computer screen all day! Hell, I should know, I used to be a fatty making cash in that same seat!

Dreams are so inspirational, but as you’re having them, concentrate on what you’re currently doing (generally speaking of course, clearly you’re currently staring at a computer screen of some sort). Are you working for a job that you loath, maybe you’re having issues with your boss (Who hasn’t been there!?). Personally, I used to live that every day I worked for someone else, which when you add it up less no where near as many days as most people, but the number of different bosses and jobs I had would easily level that playing field out. Yes, thats right, I sucked as an employee. Took my years to understand all the why’s on, having trouble getting a job, keeping it and playing well with the bosses.

The problem was, I took it upon myself to try and improve their small businesses. The issue of pride then came into play and business owners don’t like being told how they can improve, then you’re trapped in this position of no growth in any sort and you may as well be on an assembly line. Took me longer than I would have liked to work out that I made a pretty darn good boss myself, and that I didn’t need to take some silly bosses shit day in, day out.

“What can I do”, you ask? Here is a simple task I’m working on where any small business owner or Entrepreneur can start DOING in order to get themselves ahead.

-Stop sitting on your ass! The WORST thing you can do is sit and whine. Make your life happen, how you want it to. No one will do it for you, nor should you expect them to!

Do it yourself, as an Entrepreneur we are to some degree control freaks. This is great at the start where you do have to do it yourself, I highly recommend it, but you will have to eventually learn to let go and pass jobs on to others.

-Stop listening to others, be your own person. I don’t care if they are your parents or your life partner, you do whats going to make you happy! If they care for you in a way that will help you, they will give you room to make your own mistakes (yes, it’s all part of the process!). Real growth comes from learning and what better way to learn than by making a real errors. It really is a win win (even if it doesn’t seem like it!)

-Stop waiting. Chances are all the planets will not line up, not everything will be perfect and the closer you get to perfect, the more you’ll want to tweak what you’re working on. Be happy with 90% for the time being and move on to making advancements. If you keep the indecisive game going on, I’ll give you one wild guess as to how far you will progress with it.

-Make a mess. That’s right, dive in and make some waves, if you have enough guts for glory you may get a chance to earn some. How many tales do you hear of the amazing pacifist? Work on being the Hero, don’t play Mister Boring safely walking the wire hoping you’ll not step on anyones toes. Because you’ll either be so plain and boring that nobody will care, or you’ll be lacking the inner strength to be able to provide more or at least the minimum expectations to your clients.

-Learn where to spend your resources. Again, you’ll never really know unless you go there. Work out what works best for you, and do not be afraid of plunging resources into areas you know work well. If you don’t try, then there is every chance you’re missing out on a great opportunity, and if not, you’ve learned another lesson. Always take note of how your attempts pan out and always try tweaking and improving them.

Make sure you have your business concepts foundations underway, this list includes things like all your niche research, business name and logo, small business website (can just be a simple cheap website) networking items like business cards etc, proper contact details that are different to your personal details etc.

-Create actions towards your dream daily, it’s fine to take down time from this occasionally, but keep the egg timer going when you do. So that after a week passes and you’ve done nothing towards your plan, you know it’s time to start kicking ass again, that is, your own.

Now that you’ve learned of these dreamer remedies, you have a starting point of where you are today and where you want to be this time next year. I can assure you, you don’t want to be one year closer to death and be sitting in the exact place you are in your life as you are right now. Because as someone who has been there, let me tell you, it’s not fulfilling and it’s like you’re back in school flunking the final year over and over. You will stay there until you try something different and that is following your heart so that you will make your dream, your business and your life a success, best of luck!

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