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Small Business Bloggins

By nothingbutnet, Mar 2 2015 11:05PM

“Is this guy drunk.. Or high?!” you may be thinking. Let me assure you, I am neither! Digital real estate has become quite synonymous with ACTUAL commercial real estate these days. Let me first, however, start off by talking about the physical real estate.

What makes any commercial space valuable?

As the age old real estate sales line goes, “location, location, location!”. Where you are situated can quite easily have a big impact on the success of your business. Take McDonalds for example, all great motivation or business gurus will pose the question, “what is McDonalds in the business of?”. Of course, everybody will say food and eventually the speaker will say the correct answer, being the real estate industry. Why? Because all their restaurants are conveniently located in areas where not only there is a “need”, but also very high foot traffic areas. McDonalds sources only the best high traffic locations to place their food chain and as we all known from their businesses marketing, it’s clearly made the business.

How does this relate to the digital world exactly?

If you’re unsure where I am heading with this, let me ask, does your domain or website get much “foot traffic”? And of course I mean how easily do people find your website without already knowing who you are? Sure, often once people already know who you are, it’s relatively easy for them to find you again, but some points you will need to consider are:

-How memorable is your branding?

-How easily is your name to remember, or say?

-What feelings would your business name conjure?

-Is your domain name related to your business or industry?

Either way, the point of the topic is, wouldn’t it be nice to have a high value domain name and website? You don’t get value for your online real estate just because you run a great business. Sure, already having a good website will give your small business additional PERCEIVED value. However, this is not the same as having high value digital real estate.

“Fine, tell me Mister Google Whisperer, how can I make more website real estate more valuable?”

Well, now that you put it like that, sure - It’s a little thing I do called Search Engine Optimisation, and it can give an endless supply of free leads if you know how the system properly. Whilst nobody knows EXACTLY how the system works, there are those people who spend many of their waking hours with search engines, learning from them and eventually gaining their trust. This is definitely not something that happens overnight, and only the most elite can actually have a website genuinely rank very highly over long periods of time for competitive search keywords. There are often people who will quickly have a website ranking well, often the people who hire these seo consultants will often find themselves calling them industry cowboys, gunslingers who charge in, get their website ranked fast and watch it disappear within months. Ending the free source of leads for your small business.

Concluding the topic, Digital real estate is best valued by the domain name and website attached to it, how much “foot traffic is your website being sent, aka how many unique leads are the search engines sending your way? If you’re in a very competitive niche, for example, as the Google Whisperer, my niche is SEO, if I am ranking in the best positions for many SEO related topics, then my digital real estate will hold quite a strong value on it’s own. So lets say something happened in my life where I couldn’t work any longer, there is a high chance if I decided to call a few competitors in the SEO realm that I could have them bidding on my domain name, no differently to a house auction, and then sell to the highest bidder.

So other than the on-going free leads that are a direct result of proper SEO services, this is just another reason why SEO is still more valuable than ever, and is more definitely NOT dead.

By nothingbutnet, Feb 16 2015 07:51PM

This title doesn’t just represent one thing, it can be used across an array of topics, however for the purpose of this topic, we are talking about business and marketing.

Everybody is sick to death of having the same ad type regurgitated over and over again. You might say that “people are sick of seeing ads” and that is all too true. However get used to it, because there is just going to be more and more over our lifetimes, with businesses trying to find new ways to market their business message to penetrate the minds of their prospects.

Over the next few years, companies will be testing and measuring many different styles of advertising and holding on to the ones that work. Like fashion, these trends will come and go, being constantly tweaked over the years, until they are almost mind domination machines.

These days the best ads come from well written scripts and okay production. What makes these ads work best is the viral factor. When an ad gains viral status, it is shared easily all over social media platforms, eventually reaching a ridiculous amount of people which just keep passing it on to their friends and so on. With any advertising you do, I highly recommend attempting to create a script that may gain viral status, because if you manage to get lucky enough with amazing scripting, the free publicity from your advertising message could make your small business size up.

“Wait wait, Okay production?”

Thats right! The Okay production gives the entire overview of the viral content some relatability to it’s consumers, which means if they can relate, then they can really listen to the marketing without the bad feelings of being sold. Viral marketing is named purely for what it is, it’s a marketing element that is like that of a virus, spreading like a plague across many platforms, particularly that of Social Media.

There are 4 main ingredients for a decent viral marketing video

-First one being that is has to have a strong hook by either being funny, interesting or just so far out of the box that no one has seen anything like it before.

-The overall main idea is to push the first point, not your brand, unless you are able to make that fit in as the angle.

-The overall message will step on a major topic and take a heavy stance, so that the opposing group have a strong emotional connection to the success of the clip.

-It doesn't have to be big, but list your damn business website address, social media etc etc

What makes a viral clip work best is the emotional attachment people will give the clip and the same will be said for any marketing. It doesn’t need to be just on the single medium, give your entire small business a stance on a topic and make sure every employee has strong feelings for this thought pattern as well. So everybody has your back, because they all believe.

Being genuine will be what draws the right people to you.

If you pull the brown nosing stunt and try have everybody like you, on topics that you aren’t overly attached to, chances are people would prefer not to deal with you and potentially take their business somewhere else.

All great entrepreneurs say it; “You can’t be everything to everybody”, and big surprise the successful bunch of people were right. Be the difference, be you and service those who want to do business with the real you.

By nothingbutnet, Feb 13 2015 05:20AM

You know how as a small business you are incredibly busy all the time? Constantly under the pump & having to juggle multiple job roles? It can be overwhelming. Have you ever lost a potential new client simply because you were too busy to give them excellent customer service?

When big companies have work overflow, they hire someone new & train them up. But small businesses simply can’t afford to do this. Often you don’t even have a dedicated office to put new employees yet.

So how do you get the help you need without it breaking your budget? Especially for ongoing services. How can you possibly plan how much you’re going to spend each month, quarter or year??

Small Local Companies Can Help

There are other small businesses who have noticed the exact same issues & have come up with solutions!

Take Nothing But Net for instance. A Melbourne based business, whose flat weekly fee for your business website, makes it easy to factor it into your budget. Letting you focus on other things, not just the daily runnings of your business.

There are other local companies that offer pay as you go services so you’re not hit with a large negative in your cash flow right off the bat. Sidekicker for example can send someone to help you with tasks in many areas at short notice for as little as an hour.

HoldMyCalls is another Melbourne based business who got frustrated with the current virtual office providers & so they created a tech solution that provides the same level of service without the exorbitant prices. They have no contracts & you only pay for what you use. Having a landline telephone number & receptionist to answer your calls instantly gives your business a professional edge.

The benefits of a receptionist without the costs.

They can take messages when you’re busy, book appointments for you & even fill out forms. Do you often end up answering the same questions about your business over & over again? Well they can take care of that for you too. also have business mailing addresses. They then scan your mail in & email it to you so you never miss an important document again! You don’t have to ever miss another package delivery again either. When it arrives, they’ll let you know!

Basically, can help you run your business without it costing you a fortune. So what are you waiting for? Starting from $7.50/month, you can make the daily running of your business easier while also increasing the professional look of your company.

Have your people call our people.

By nothingbutnet, Feb 10 2015 03:43AM

Yes, there is such a thing as over ranking and it will get your website thrown in the “virtual slammer”! What I’m talking about is overloading your website with a big SEO campaign, sending ridiculous amounts of backlinks to your main business website. This is simply because you are trying to gain a highly ranked organic search position on a set of specific keywords for your website, however to the big Google machine, sending an unnatural amount of backlinks to your site just comes across as spammy and is borderline black hat SEO, which we look at as a big no no!

“How many is too many backlinks?”

Great question, it will depend on how new your website is and how much backlinking you have done previously to starting an SEO campaign. If in the past you have contracted a cheap SEO business, chances are it was cheap because at the time they were able to get away with certain sketchy ranking methods, which have now since been blacklisted as very spammy links.

“Whats this mean for my website if I am a victim of cheap SEO tricks?”

In some cases you may just have to start completely from scratch, it’s unfortunate but it happens. Often if you can work out which links are holding you in the virtual slammer, you can contact said websites providing the backlinks and have them removed. But if you are continuously unable to get a hold of the website owners, then you either choose not to have your website rank organically for any decent keyphrases in your industry or as I mentioned, you can start from scratch with a new domain name, then slowly start your SEO campaign again on a low level to ensure you’re not pulling the spammy card.

“Okay, so you sound knowledgeable, what plan of action do you suggest?”

Thanks, see the SEO infographic below. Essentially we will build up your websites online foundations as organically as we can.

Google expects that you can and will do the following activities for a new website:

-List your business in online business directories

-Setup a blog

-Setup social media. It’s nothing unusual for any social media profile to just explode these days. Simply because social media is where all the viral material is shared on. So we plan to take advantage of this by sending back links to your website via your social media profiles.

SEO infographic
SEO infographic

The main aim of what you would want to do is gradually build up your backlinking strategies, for example, start at 5 backlinks for the first week, then sporadically increase, so the following weeks it may be 7, 4, 8, 10 etc etc. This may consist of blogging, article writing, social media signals and directory listings.

If you want some free SEO advice, I highly recommend making sure you have your social media profiles all filled out, the main ones are Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. If you have a creative styled business, also make sure you have Instagram setup. There are a few others, so just setup what you feel is most suitable for your industry. Fill out as much information on your business in these profiles as you can. I cannot express enough that all the content you fill out on each MUST BE completely unique! This is why SEO can cost a lot of money, as for most, you would need to be hiring a full time writer for the bucket loads of unique content to be written.

Sound like too much trouble? No stress, give us a call!

If you’re game enough, you will see some results, but it will take a bit more research into how you rank for certain keywords. This is a lesson for another day however.

“So what if I stuff this process up?”

Get a professional SEO consultant to come and help you out, either way, do not stress too much about it. SEO is a HUGE puzzle, and every piece of it is only allocated a certain amount of power. Often the biggest part of ranking your website is having high strength high Domain Authority websites and industry related websites linking to yours. You will also need a wide variety of backlinks from alternate sources to add strength to your cause, but as I’ve mentioned, do steer clear of dodgy or cheap backlinks that may be coming from “blackhat central”.

“So say I engage an SEO expert to go full on with my website, would this conflict with what you’ve said?”

Yes and no, first off, as an search engine optimisation expert myself, I would start off by ensuring all the onsite elements are primed and ready for search engines. This would cover website elements such as:

-Meta tags

-Meta description

-Website keywords

-Alt tags (alternative description tags for images)

-Content contains appropriate keywords without being classified as keyword stuffing

-Appropriate headings

-Reasonable amount of unique quality content

-Social media integration

These are just a handful of the bases we cover when starting with a new clients website.

“How long till I get to position #1?”

This is a how longs a piece of string type of question. Our initial aim is to build up on the easy to pick off keywords then progressively start aiming high for the high traffic keywords. With this technique you will see a growing stream of leads hitting your website, rather than pushing for #1 of the high traffic keywords from the get go, and seeing no traffic until you reach the goal. At least with this method it’s like your business will be walking up the steps, rather than trying to jump up to the next level, having nothing in between.

Conclusion of this long winded SEO lesson?

The more you invest in the future of your websites SEO, the easier marketing will be for you. Get the people to your website, so that you can test and measure converting them into customers. Sounds simple right? It might not be, but lets give it a shot huh?

By nothingbutnet, Feb 1 2015 12:32AM

Nothing But Net, a successful web design business based in Melbourne, Victoria, has now expanded its business kick starting services with the recent addition of Online Marketing, more specifically Search Engine Optimisation! Of course you might ask “What does this mean for me?”. Well, simply put, every single week, we’ll put time aside to increase awareness of your businesses website, creating a strong foundation for your website to be found organically with prospects who are keen on potentially using you! In short, you should ask yourself, what would it mean to you if your sales conversion tool was able to crunch more visitors?

As the director of Nothing But Net, Mick Owar is a seasoned SEO Veteran who has survived the great Algorithm Changes that happened from 2012 onwards, being that of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Having absolutely no websites that were affected by the changes in ranking methods that occurred throughout these times, Mick, also known as the SEO Jedi has stood tall with high ranking websites scattered throughout the World Wide Web.

With the digital world growing every single day, do you really want to be left out from all the potential online leads that are gunning to be your client!

Okay okay, I like what you do, tell me more!

Well, if you insist. As a sole means of marketing, Nothing But Net only focusses on it’s Online Marketing & SEO campaigns, which is, no doubt, the main reason you are reading this now. We’ve helps Industry Placement businesses flourish with their specific niche long tail keywords, ensuring the right prospects find what they want and become on-going clients in a more efficient manner, making everybody happy!

Some other results include

-Dog breeder based in Melbourne, ranking in the top positions for all the most important key phrases - Australia wide, funnelling nearly ALL appropriate leads directly to the “money site”

-Banner printing & design business that services bands, also ranking extremely high for the best keywords for it’s specific niche.

So to conclude this press release, we hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about what makes our services work for our small business friends. Get in touch so that we can personally help you grow your business into an online sensation.

Nothing But Net, because we’re looking out for the little guy!

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At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!


At last, someone’s looking out for the little guy!