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Small Business Bloggins

By nothingbutnet, Jun 7 2019 02:46AM

What’s in a business name?

Well, there are many companies out there with a wide variety of names, many of the stranger names have become quite established over time. It’s highly likely that if a new business was to use one of these stranger names in the modern setting, they’d have a hard time building a recognisable brand name.

Let's explore this concept I’m putting to you now..

Look at Jim’s mowing for example, how many “Name/Service” businesses do you see popping up everywhere around you, now? This is a perfect example in fact, as it’s seen many copycat businesses, trying their hand at getting big through such a simple idea. However, for something so personal (At least to the owner), it’s very hard to establish your brand name. Especially without a solid marketing knowledge, which is the BIGGEST aspect in any business being recognised. Jim’s was in no way the first, but, you’ve gotta give it to him, he’s built a huge national brand, that works well, even though he’s overly saturated all his franchisees against each other.

McDonalds is another great example, can you imagine if that was created in the modern day setting? I can almost guarantee without a proper marketing budget behind it, that it would 100% flop! The only reason it has any pull, is because it’s been around and popular, longer than its most loyal customers have been alive. If it was an entrepreneur bringing out a systemized fast food chain now… it would not stand out in any way.

I mean, it’s not exactly gourmet and most definitely nutritionally dead junk food (with the exception of a preserved pickle), it’s by no means something good for you, in any way. Which is truly a testament to how they have positioned themselves within the market. The inventors of a systematic approach to fast food, which is going to be appealing to any hungry folks.

Despite not being a fan at all, I wholeheartedly respect Apple for their name and how they’ve positioned themselves as a world leading company. Back before having a good simple brand name was cool, they rocked it, and they fought like hell to rock it!

If they were to start up what they do in this modern time, nothing would be different, and with their name alone, it’s highly likely they’d rise in a similar way to where they already have, assuming they were to bring out leading tech, in the way they have in the past.

If still don’t you get the gist of what I mean, I’ll break it down now.

When you name your small business, you have to think of many many things. Firstly, where do you want the business to go? Is it to be a world wide brand, or is it to be your local fix it guy?

If you want to build a business up to sell, as an example, you should not use your surname (unless your surname is extremely awesome - in everybody else's eyes!) As it straight up limits your options. If you have a specific service and don’t foresee any expansion on the service, then sure, use the service as part of your name. But if you plan on keeping it open to further development in the future, keep it open.

For example, let's look at some up and coming small businesses, I scouted out on the web..

The Handyman Co, is a trade related business, that doesn’t focus on any specific niche, it’s name suggests that it could easily be successful in any geographical location doing all kinds of trade work. Handyman is a very open ended trade and is used by many for all kinds of specific trade jobs, from deckings to bathrooms, so in the modern day setting, this can work very well.

Another naming example is “Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars”. They’ve used a location, detail and their service as their whole name. This creates some kind of challenge with the business marketing, as each location you start at, will need to build up it’s own name when it grows. Sure, the systems and network all link in together, which is great, but from a marketing viewpoint, it’s kind of a kick in the balls. They no doubt are doing very well, but the question I ask is, could choosing a more appropriate name have been more beneficial? Or maybe choosing the location based name was the best option.

In conclusion, don’t just jump on the first name that pops into your head, think about where your business is to go, and name accordingly. If you want to be the best, your name has to reflect the best, whether in the name or in the presentation.

By nothingbutnet, Mar 9 2016 01:07AM

Keeping your small business organized is not easy, whether you work in a small area at home or have a desk in a traditional office. A desk that is messy and over-cluttered looks bad, but it can also have a negative impact on your productivity by creating a lot of wasted energy and time. Following are several strategies that you can use to keep your work area in top condition, from steam cleaning solutions and stain removal to creating a pristine and intuitive desktop.

Eliminate Old, Unnecessary Papers

Most of the papers that are cluttering up your desk probably lack value. As you go through these documents, ask yourself: Are these files that I really need? Why do I need them? Where will I want to find them when I do need them? Next, create a file system that makes sense for your small business and be sure to file away new documents as soon as you have printed them out so that a new mess doesn't develop. Pause before printing new files out. Ask yourself: Do I absolutely have to have a hard copy of this file or will a digital copy work just as well?

Keep Your Work Life And You Private Life Separate

No matter where your work is performed, you have to avoid unnecessary distractions. Keep distractions out of your home office by having mail collection located away from your work area and by telling other residents to keep their toys and digital gadgets away from your home office so that you don't get distracted. If you work in a regular office, know that mobile phones are a huge source of wasted time. Store your phone away and only check for new texts and voice messages when you're on break, rather than looking at your phone each time it makes a noise.

Make Small Business Carpet Cleaning A Top Priority

The floors are one of the most commonly overlooked features in businesses, but these surfaces have near-constant contact with the outside. Visitors track in grime, dirt and many other forms of debris which quickly build up and this means that carpet cleaning should be done each week with carpet steam cleaning being made a priority several times per year. Even after carpet cleaning with a vacuum has been performed, there can still be a massive and shocking amount of grime still trapped in the carpet fibers.

Keep Items That You Use Regularly Separate From Other Supplies

Items that are used daily such as laptops, pens, pencils, post-its and planners should be kept right on top of your desk. Things that you use less often, however, such as your stapler, tape, envelopes and paper clips should be neatly tucked inside of you desk drawers. This will preserve valuable real estate on your desk for the things that you really need while keeping everything else accessible.

Take Some Time To Organize Your PC

When icons start to clutter your favorite wallpaper on your desktop, it is time to clean up your PC. File any documents that you will need to reference later on and then put everything else into the PC recycle bin. This will give you a much more appealing desktop and it will also significantly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend looking for things.

Take A Minute To Clean Things Up Every So Often

Finding time to keep things clean is one of the most challenging parts of small business organization. Spend time cleaning and organizing your desk so that supplies, files and other essentials are put in an intuitive space. After having established the perfect system, make sure to maintain it. Taking a few minutes to put things in their proper places will actually help you save time overall.

Practice Diligent Carpet Stain Removal And Carpet Steam Cleaning

You know that carpet stain that has been around for what seems like forever? Use the right carpet stain removal strategies to get it out because it won't go anywhere otherwise, and while you've probably accepted it as part of the flooring, you really should identify the carpet cleaning strategies that are guaranteed to get it out.

If everyone is committed to maintaining a clean office space, it will be easy to keep your small business organized and efficient.

By nothingbutnet, Dec 17 2015 12:51AM

When speaking to accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners, many things were brought to our attention. Everyone knows that the average business cannot remain profitable without cash flow. But unfortunately, many of them don't know how to manage their finances. They don't know how to track their accounts.

As a small business owner, you probably started your business for numerous reasons. Maybe you wanted to pursue something that you really liked. Or maybe you've always dreamed about being your own boss. The bad thing is that this dream probably had nothing to do with business accounting Melbourne. Businesses must tackle accounting on an everyday basis.

It's good to do what you love, but accounting will always be a necessity in the business world. Many times small business owners have accounting software that is hard to understand and use. If you aren't a small business accountant Melbourne, this type of software is very baffling. Its mind boggling and requires a lot of precious time to understand.

Most people are puzzled when using accounting software. Why does this happen? Accounting software has always been hard to use. Many business owners hate to do accounting Melbourne. Chances are they are forced to spend long hours slumped over a desk looking at a long list of accounting terms that they don't understand. If this is the way accounting is tackled, then it's understandable why most can't control their accounts.

Cloud software is fun for the following reasons.

Feeding statement lines from your bank account into accounting software allows you to access your cash flow in real time.

The ability to access your bank balance, bills, invoices and expenses lets you see and track cash flow much easier.

Looking at your finances via the cloud lets you see everything 24/7 from any location.

You can move around. You are free to move away from your desk and the office. You and your advisors can work on and share data at the same time. You don't have to share a computer screen.

Small business accounting software makes doing accounting much better. Checking the profitability of your company shouldn't be a chore. Your accounting software should be fun to use.

Why this is a good thing for your small businesses accountant

When small business owners can access accounting software that is simple to use, they spend more time tracking their finances. This means that they can see problems as they arise. They aren't forced to wait hours to take action. Also, the average small business accountant Melbourne can provide better advice about financial matters. This can make your company more profitable.

If accounting software is easier to use, you'll discover that this positively impacts the way that you do business.

By nothingbutnet, Sep 17 2015 01:38AM

Tax time is right around the corner, and this is the time to start thinking about hiring an accountant. Sure, this may sound like an extra expense, but there have been many small business owners and high-paying individuals who have lost out on a lot of money because of errors with accounting. With that said, let's discuss five reasons why you must hire an accountant.

1. Help Transact With The Government

Not only can an accountant help you with your tax obligations, but they can help you complete and submit any legal documents before operations or changes start. Sometimes alterations in tax laws can occur and when they do, an accountant will let you know about such changes. Asides from all that, an accountant will keep records of revenues, expenses and tax codes of your employees, and they can manage your payroll.

2. Offer Advice In Regards To Creating A Business Plan

Accountants can offer you advice when it comes to creating a business plan. With the advice they provide to you, you will be able to create a business plan that is realistic, as well as a plan that has a good chance at succeeding. When you hire a good accountant during the early stages of your business, then you will benefit from their knowledge.

3. Explain Legal Business Structures In A Basic Way

There are different legal business structures and an accountant can help explain the different ones to you, and then you can choose the one you think suits you the best. For example, if you decide to be a sole trader, then you may end up being personally reliable for business obligations, which means you could be the target of creditors in the event that your business fails to pay suppliers, not pay debts and things of that nature. A limited liability company structure allows you to not be held personally.

Not only can an accountant provide you with basic info about legal business structures, but they can go into even greater details about each type of structure. For example, they can explain legal obligations associated with being sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership and limited liability company. There are a lot of different things that you should know about each structure, and a good accountant can explain everything to you, and then you can make an informed decision.

4. Help Prevent You From Losing Money

You need to hire an accountant when you notice more cash is going out than what is coming in, and they will be able to identify areas that you need to improve in and which areas you can just do without. There are software products that accountants can use and this allows them to produce you a presentation that you will easily understand.

5. Help With Getting A Loan

A good small business accounting company can help you get a loan fast because banks will take you more seriously when you have an accountant by your side. Also, an accountant will make sure your tax obligations are being met, and they will help you with presenting reports that can convince the banks to approve your loan application.

Are you based in Melbourne and are you a small business? If you need a Melbourne small business accountant has plenty to choose from, so find the right one to hire today.

By nothingbutnet, May 6 2015 05:52AM

Just in case the title was a little subtle, It's referring to the 38 hour work week, which has somehow been ingrained in us as part of our daily lives. No doubt it would leave the cave men scratching their heads and subsequently myself as well.

Why have I taken such a harsh stance against it? Simple, it goes against everything I personally believe. That is if you have something of value to offer outside of your time. I’m someone who USED to make excuses for not contributing and not working for a better future. It’s not that I didn’t want to or had nothing of value to contribute, because I did. Every time I actually managed to get a job, I would end up arguing and disagreeing with the big boss of the business about how things should be run. Naturally this would call in to question my ongoing employment.

Of course, being a slow learner with a strong desire to make the world a better place for all, I one day had had enough of being bossed around with second rate systems designed to kind of help the business. I saw potential to make money on my own in starting up a small business to call mine. At no point was I capable of employing anybody, but I worked with my partner at the time to make a viable albeit work intensive business.

I digress, more about this curse.. With such a volatile world that we are easily sold on security, even if it is only a pittance in the big scheme of things. We get ourselves a secure job, doing something we are capable of doing, labelled as “full time”. Then we decide to stretch out our money by loaning money from banks, so that we can buy STUFF to impress people we don’t really care about all that much. Yes that’s a little on the cynical side and isn’t always like that, but for the point I’m making, it’s true enough.

Suddenly, your “full time” position comes in to question, but you have financial commitments you need to fulfill. Next thing you know cortisol levels are skyrocketing and you are on the hunt for the next “full time” position. And thus the cycle that eats up your entire life is perpetuates.

All the while the thought process has become so ingrained that having a secure job is the only way to bring in money. It’s not and here is why:

-As the writer of the heart to heart article, I am an idiot and I am out to prove that if I can make money on my own, then anybody should have the capabilities to do it.

-I am not smart, I paid next to no attention all the way through school.

-I don’t feel I am overly creative, although I often find strange ways to solve my problems.

-I did not bother to ever become a university student or really further any education, for years I had no idea on the direction I wanted to go, so I just become a sponge and soaked up as much information as possible about any directions that appealed to me. I sat waiting, ready to pounce, for years.

One big plus for me is that nobody has been able to sell the idea of “Why Full Time Employment” is good for you to me. I might just be an anomaly in the system, but once I set my mind on something, I do nothing but work towards that goal.

For me, not be confined to a regimented week is much more appealing. I’ve set my own security, backing on my determination, and not building somebody elses dream. At the end of the day, this is the reality of it. You are selling your limited time building somebody elses dream. Let me reiterate that last bit, everybody has about 4000 weeks to live, so how you use that time is critical. Do you have your own dream? Ambitions? etc… If so, then you should spend your every minute you want to work, building that dream.

I’ve lived off very little in my life, and still managed to get myself into stupid amounts of debt (for my income). Long story, don’t ask. Either way, I stepped back a couple of years ago, and thought about what I was doing, what I wasn’t doing, and spent an entire weekend working out what areas of my life were not working for me, and what areas I wanted to expand on. Not long after, I had an idea that felt like a ton of bricks landing on me. A huge point of difference that would set in motion the successful part of my life and web design business. The future of my dream was now on the road to becoming a reality as a strong willed, business minded entrepreneur.

So, whats holding you back from accomplishing your dreams? Do you need to take a back step in life in order to take everything you need to move further forward?

Here is Micks master tips on things you can do to change your fortune in this on-going war:

-Further your education, whether studying an MBA in Uni, or hitting tafe to learn more about running a small business. Don’t bother with the technical side of whatever field you want to be in, otherwise you will be forever trading your time for money. Other educational avenues you can look at is MBA internships or just any student internships, not only will this help give you a foot in the door to getting employed and gaining necessary experience, but it will open your mind to new concepts within different businesses.

-Rid yourself of debt. Unless the debt is good debt. If it’s not, sell off what you don’t need and minimize it. After that, if you have heaps of small debt with varying interest rates, consolidate and hit it hard with everything you have.

-Focus, on what you want. Simple.

Spend more than 38 hours a week working towards your goal or dream. It might not be work work, Personal development also counts here, and whilst does not directly make you any money, creates a mind full of wealth.

-Be good to everybody. You never know when you could use extra encouragement.

-Stay motivated, as Zig Ziglar said “Like bathing, motivation doesn’t last, it’s why we recommend it daily”. Keep the fires burning and destroy all obstacles in your way.

If you can stay motivated enough to hold your financial security and build your dream at the same time, then kudos to you. Don’t ever give up and best of luck to you and your business ventures!

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